I Got Sleuthed!

Scrolling through my Facebook feed recently, I received an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Marcela Xavier, founder of Bread and Yoga, had tagged me in a post by YogaCity NYC's "Yoga Sleuth." 

The Yoga Sleuth "detectives" travel the city and hunt down NYC's best classes, profiling a variety of teachers and studios by stealthily taking class and offering their take on the experience — sort of like a covert restaurant critic.

What fun to find out I'd been "Sleuthed," and to read Marie Carter's lovely review, aptly titled "Stillness in the City." Here's an excerpt:

[Amy] began class with a seated meditation noting that rather than thinking of New York as the city that never sleeps, it's more the city that never sits still. With that she encouraged us to sit still and make some quiet in our day.

You can the rest of the profile HERE.