Resonant Heart & Lineage Project Get #MadProps!

The Social Sutras is an online group and meeting place devoted to uniting the diverse yoga community. I was honored to be interviewed and profiled by them recently, in their #MadProps monthly feature.

In the interview, I share my own personal journey on the path of yoga, as well as my experiences working for the Lineage Project, teaching mindfulness to at-risk youth throughout the city. Below is an excerpt and the full interview is HERE

2) What style(s) of yoga do you currently practice and/or teach? 

Following my early training at Integral Yoga, I spent about 6-7 years studying the Anusara method. Though both styles have informed me deeply as a teacher, I'd say my current classes reflect the varied forms of Hatha yoga and movement I've been exploring, such as Feldenkrais, Yin, Vinyasa, etc., and the teachers I study with, at studios across this fair city (YogaWorks, Virayoga, MindBodySoul, Bread and Yoga). To answer that more directly, I teach Hatha.  

3) How did you get introduced to the Lineage Project?   

I came across an online article that referenced Lineage Project, so I looked them up and signed up for a training. I was determined to offer yoga to people outside of traditional studio settings, who may not know about, or have access to, practices that bring you deep into the center of yourself.

4) Can you speak a bit about the impact you've seen in your Lineage students?

I've had students say that a "great weight" was lifted from their shoulders, or that they had been struggling with anger and later felt able to control it or let it go all together. I've also heard students talk about bringing the physical, breathing and relaxation practices back home, and teaching a parent or loved one. That's one of the coolest things to hear!