Private Yoga & Mindfulness

A wealth of tools to help you thrive! 

Private sessions look very different than group yoga classes. Classes can offer a well-rounded experience, but one-on-one sessions allow the freedom to explore in depth your specific physical, energetic, and therapeutic wellness needs.

Do you wish to therapeutically address chronic pain and/or injury? Learn more about the practices of yoga and meditation before diving into public classes? Or enhance your existing practice with skillful, individualized attention?

I offer various methods of mindful movement – holistic and skillful approaches rooted in various modalities and nearly 15 years of experience – in order to meet your needs with sensitivity and skill.

I've witnessed profound growth in my private students, helping them relieve years of chronic tension and stress, develop personal self-care routines, build strength in body and mind, and unlock their innate healing abilities.

I've worked with these varying modalities and populations: 

  • Yoga asana: a blend of Integral and Anusara-­style hatha yoga
  • Restorative, therapeutic, and progressive yoga with functional movement
  • Vipassana and mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Myofascial release (support, massage and stretch using different-sized rubber balls)
  • Athletes, creative artists and performers
  • Time-crunched professionals 
  • Parents, caregivers & children 
  • Education: elementary, middle & high school youth + staff

I work privately with individuals, couples, and small groups. We can work in the privacy of your home or mine, or online. I look forward to sharing these practices with you!

The best teachers I’ve had in life are the ones who listen patiently to their students’ concerns, then call on their own confidence, wisdom and experience to remove obstacles to the enjoyment of learning new skills. In just a few sessions she helped me develop a “Road trip routine” that keeps me relaxed and refreshed throughout the day... at home or on the road. A+ for Amy!
Paul Ellis, certified financial planner
Amy Soucy is a wonderful, knowledgeable, and patient instructor. She has a very energizing and calming presence at the same time. I really enjoy working with her and highly recommend Amy to anyone at any level of practice.
Dr. Jennifer Jablow, dentist & inventor of IntelliWHiTE