Private Yoga + Mindfulness + Ballwork

THERAPEUTIC tools to help you thrive! 

  • Do you wish to effectively address chronic pain, tension or injury once and for all? Ever wonder why no amount of yoga or exercise (or bodywork) seems to fully relieve it?

  • Want to experience more ease of movement and breath and a deeper understanding of your postural and movement habits, uncovering the layers of thought and emotion that can get stuck in your body?

  • Do you dream of a portable, accessible practice you can easily do at home or while traveling?

  • Want to learn more about the practices of yoga and meditation before attending public classes? Or expand and enhance your longtime practice with skillful, individualized attention?

I am passionate about offering you all of this and MORE! I bring 15+ years of teaching experience and 20+ years of study (yoga, mindfulness, functional movement, dance, and more) to meet your needs with sensitivity, empathy, and skill.

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asana + pranayama + relaxation = harmony

Tailored to your individual needs, our sessions will include a blend of hatha yoga postures (asana); functional and therapeutic movement to help you develop strength, ease, and efficiency in your everyday life; mindful breathing techniques (pranayama) to settle the mind and tune the nervous system; and deep relaxation to bring every inch of you into a state of harmonious balance!


mindful focus + non-judgmental awareness = increased happiness, harmony, & peace

My mindfulness practice is grounded in Vipassana meditation (S.N. Goenka tradition), the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, and other mindfulness studies. Mindfulness is an exploration of your moment-to-moment experience that over time helps you develop steadiness of mind and body, and increased love and compassion for yourself and others.

Bodymind Ballwork

self-massage + body/mind awareness = renewed health & vitality

Similar to using foam rollers at the gym — but much more relaxing and meditative — we use rubber balls of varying sizes and textures to stretch tense muscles and release fascia (connective tissue). The pressure created by placing the ball between your body and a hard surface such as the floor, a wall or another body part creates the optimal conditions for release and healing. Said simply, it's self-massage using toys as our tools!

I work privately with individuals, couples, and small groups. We can work in the privacy of your home or mine, or online.

Private sessions look very different than group yoga classes. Classes can offer a well-rounded experience, but one-on-one sessions allow the freedom to explore in depth your specific physical, energetic, and therapeutic needs. I've witnessed profound growth in my private students over the years and look forward to doing the same for you.

Amy Soucy is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable yoga teacher, but that only scratches the surface. Her secret sauce is her connection to her clients: Gentle, supportive, encouraging, deeply empathic. That, in my opinion, is the power of her private yoga sessions that I have used to help with everything from chronic pain and sports injury to stress and anxiety. I encourage anyone thinking of taking some private yoga sessions to get in touch with Amy! She is fantastic.
— Sharon Goldman, singer-songwriter
The best teachers I’ve had in life are the ones who listen patiently to their students’ concerns, then call on their own confidence, wisdom and experience to remove obstacles to the enjoyment of learning new skills. In just a few sessions she helped me develop a “Road trip routine” that keeps me relaxed and refreshed throughout the day... at home or on the road. A+ for Amy!
Paul Ellis, certified financial planner
Amy combines a deep knowledge of yoga with effective mindfulness techniques. She skillfully and sensitively customizes sessions for folks with a wide range of issues. I felt as if she immediately zoned in in what I needed to develop a yoga practice that can work for me. I highly recommend Resonant Heart Yoga!
— Judy Kass, LCSW, singer-songwriter